The three-year cooperation project aims to establish a cultural dialogue between Indonesian and German students as well as (young) scholars who, in addition to research-oriented and internationally comparative teaching formats, is also characterized by the continuity of communication science subjects and problem areas. Questions on the structures, dynamics and actors of the media systems and communication cultures in Indonesia and Germany and Europe are discussed against the background of national, regional and global context factors. To this end, two bilateral study excursions were conducted over a period of three years. In addition, the establishment of a subsequent, sustained university partnership is intended to promote the mobility of students and young researchers within the framework of future international semesters and research trips. The aim of the German-Indonesian exchange project is a concentrated and integrated cultural and professional dialogue, which is realized through various innovative teaching and research programs, study trips and a German-Indonesian conference, as well as an accumulated exchange of experience between students, teachers and scientists. Different teaching and research areas are set for each project year:

Beyond this three-year cooperation, Universitas Padjadjaran and the University of Erfurt have agreed to expand the scope of their cooperation in terms of the number of higher education insitutions involved, both from inside and outside Indonesia/Germany and in terms of more diverse cooperation formats, such as sandwich program for post-graduate programs, joint supervision for doctoral program, as well as visiting scholars and foreign semesters for lecturers and students respectively. This cooperation agreement is contained in the MoU, which will be signed in the upcoming conference.

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