With a view to the sustainable cooperation plan between the University of Erfurt and Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad), Bandung, the integration of a separate forum for young researchers with a research and practical interest in international comparison is envisaged. Both Indonesian students in the Master’s as well as in the Doctoral Program can apply for the participation. A total of 20 participants are selected through an internal selection process. A criteria and requirement catalog is jointly designed during the pre-conference workshop. The preparation of the concrete course of the workshop will also form part of the bilateral preliminary meeting. It is hitherto thought that the young scientists will be able to discuss with the experts in the field in a kind of “round-table discussion” and to make specific inquiries about the conference contributions and their own research ideas. The aim is to train the articulation of personal perspectives, opinions and arguments in scientific discourse. In addition to the intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, the aim of the workshop is to give the future opinion leaders and mediators an impetus for a critical, comparative perspective on social developments and to provide a possible starting point for further cooperation in the German-Indonesian context.

Download here for the list of presenters of this session.